Friday, April 12, 2013

The Next Logical Step for Ambulance Billing— Enhanced PulsePoint™ Mobile

To say that we’ve been just a bit excited lately at Enhanced Management Services is an understatement!

Over the past few months, everyone at Enhanced has been hard at work developing and fine tuning the ambulance industry’s first mobile reporting solution.

Today we’re happy to announce the debut of Enhanced PulsePoint™ Mobile.

What is Enhanced PulsePoint™?
Enhanced PulsePoint™ is our very capable client portal feature. 

We introduced On-Demand Reporting in 2009, but we didn’t stop there. With valued input from dozens of our clients, On-Demand Reporting morphed into what today has become Enhanced PulsePoint™. 

Believe us when we say this is so much more than just the ability to deliver dry, dull canned reports.

Enhanced PulsePoint™ gives our clients access to their billing program data and allows for quick, easy document exchange 24/7.

Not only can Enhanced clients customize and run their own reports to be exported to a wide range of formats, but they can also track their monthly cash flow, billable trip volume and interact with Enhanced by sharing documents securely using our very secure FTP exchange.

On-Demand became Enhanced PulsePoint™ thanks to the vision of our clients and the foresight and dedication of our staff. It’s a desktop ambulance billing solution like no other.

Enhanced PulsePoint™ and now Enhanced PulsePoint™ Mobile are our latest attempts at helping our clients to become “raving fans” of Enhanced, and we’re doing it by making more information available to our clients than has ever been possible in the ambulance billing industry.

Mobile—The New Wave in Ambulance Billing
We’ve now reached a point in our history where the majority of all Internet users are accessing the Internet with a mobile device, and all projections indicate that this trend will continue to grow exponentially. Technology is driving us away from the desktop and out into the streets for data access.

The ambulance industry is no different.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere or still stuck in the 70’s chasing Squad 51 around the streets of LA while talking on that first-generation radio phone, then you’re probably aware that mobile technology has invaded the EMS scene in a big way.

In the space of about three decades, EMS has gone from handwritten, carbon form, dot sheet patient care reports to desktop documentation generation, which moved over to portable laptops with Wi-Fi access and recently onto mobile devices using cloud technology for storage and data sharing in the EMS field.

But all that was operations heavy. There still seemed like there was a gap to fill between the street to the office to the board room. 

We developed Enhanced PulsePoint™ Mobile to fill that very gap.

Now ambulance company administrators can not only keep a close eye on field data collection, review and QA EKG results, monitor supply usage on the fly and check the exact GPS location of each vehicle on the road, but they can also see the results of the ambulance billing program that drives all this activity on that same mobile with Enhanced PulsePoint™ Mobile.

Going into a meeting and need to know what the last six months’ cash flow is? No problem.

Just point your mobile browser to the Enhanced PulsePoint™ Mobile web address, enter your safe and secure User ID and Password, and you’ll instantly be able to find the answer you need for your presentation, contained in a quickly produced bar graph tracking your program’s 13-month cash flow history .

Need to know the result of the last month’s billing activity right now? That’s easy.

Just a flick of your finger over the screen and it’s easy to pump out a summary of those results right there on your mobile device. You can be viewing the summary results of your search right away.
You will surely impress your Board of Directors, Town Fathers, colleagues or interested citizens by having useful billing information right there at your fingertips. Knowledge is power and you’ll propel your organization to the top of the list when you connect with Enhanced to gain access to the most valuable reporting and tracking tool in the ambulance billing industry today.

What are you waiting for?
There’s no doubt today’s EMS administrator needs all the information we can get our hands on and Enhanced has developed a way for you to bring that information into the palm of your hand.

But there’s only one way to gain this functionality and that’s by becoming an Enhanced client.  Ambulance companies all across the United States are discovering that Enhanced is THE only ambulance billing company they’ll ever need. 

It’s Ambulance Billing Done Right™.

If you want to learn more about this breakthrough feature and how it can benefit your organization, call us today or visit our Enhanced PulsePoint™ page.

There are a number of ways you can connect with us.

Our toll-free phone number is (800) 369-7544. When you call just ask for Chuck. You can also reach him via email at or on the web at

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What are you waiting for?
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