Friday, January 17, 2014

Ambulance Billing…Now there’s an App!!

The Power of the “E!”
It’s pretty amazing how just about everything we do today revolves around our electronic gadgets. Our phones, our laptops, our tablets…we communicate via e-mail, Live Chat, private messaging…you name it, if it’s important to our lives today there’s some kind of electronic data solution that makes it go.

Announcing the Enhanced® Mobile App

Today, we introduce to you the Enhanced Management Services App. The Power of the “E!” is here to stay!

Our new App is available for both Android and iOS devices to suit your individual electronic platform.


Client Convenience
The Enhanced “E!” App brings all the contact and reporting elements together into a one-touch solution for the benefit of our clients. Clients can now download the App onto their phone or tablet devices, click on it and every single means of communicating with Enhanced is right there at your fingertips.

Enhanced PulsePoint Mobile
Need some quick billing report numbers on the fly? The new Enhanced App allows clients to log into the mobile version of the Enhanced PulsePoint portal to run summary reports for the information you need at the moment. Clients also have the ability to log into the regular version of the website for the full-range of services.

The Ambulance Billing Services blog
Using the new Enhanced App, client and non-clients alike can easily follow our blog. Our blog space is an easy way for you and your department’s staff members to read up on regularly-prepared educational pieces on a wide-range of billing-related topics.
We offer a new topic for discussion at least once per week.

Live Chat, Phone Connection and E-Mail Contact!
Need to ask our Enhanced Client Services Representatives a quick question but you’re out in the field? Touch the area of the App to “contact” Enhanced and a direct link to our phone will be there at your disposal.

Can’t use the phone right now?  Enhanced clients can log in to access the Live Chat feature, during normal business hours, or click to send an e-mail to Clients Services while on-the-go and straight from your mobile device. You won’t have to worry about remembering our e-mail address or phone number any more!

Contact with Enhanced is as easy as opening the App and selecting the path you choose to reach out and touch us.

Ambulance Billing News
Open the Enhanced App and you’ll find a button there to connect right to the “News” section of our website at We post ambulance billing and Fire/EMS related topics all the time to this section of our website to keep our clients informed on what’s going on in our word that affects your world.

Follow us on Social Media
Enhanced Management Services is Social Media connected! The App gives you a one-touch link to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure you “Like” and follow our pages to receive important updates.

“Ambulance Billing Done Right!”
Consistent with our motto, “Ambulance Billing Done Right!” trust Enhanced for the latest innovations the ambulance industry has to offer to benefit our clients. We invite you to visit the App store right now to tap into the Power of the “E!”

Then after you’ve test driven the App for a while, let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you. If you’re not an Enhanced client and would like to tap into the full Power of the “E!”, then contact Chuck Humphrey today at or by phone at (800) 369-7544, Extension 108. 
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