Friday, May 23, 2014

Without You?

Imagine your world without EMS. Hard to do isn’t it?

What would your community do if you and the other “you’s” that make up your local first responder scene didn’t do what you do, everyday?

A World Without EMS
Think about what you contribute to your community as an EMS provider. Think about the impact that you have on your community. Chances are there are people walking about the streets of your hometown because of a response that stood in the balance between them and the unthinkable.

The “Taken for Granted” Syndrome
We have no doubt that there have been times in your EMS experience that you have felt “taken for granted.” We all feel that way at some point or another.

There’s no way that we can expect John Q. Public to understand what we do or why we do it.

How can we ever convey how it feels to arrive on scene to find that your patient is a close friend, a relative, a classmate from our school days or your neighbor’s grandmother? For those times when the outcome is not favorable, there are no words that can ever express the feeling of loss and remorse.

Plus, how could you ever describe that movie that plays in your brain over and over on sleepless nights as you rehash the event time and again and wonder if you could have done something different to affect a better result?

You can’t and you never will. Stop trying.

As providers and billers we hear both the good comments and the bad ones. Callers that reach us concerning their EMS bills, often don’t understand why it takes dollars to drive the system. Many only see that they owe money out-of-pocket or they see the notice about the increased tax assessment to cover the cost of the “ambulance drivers.”

You know, those guys that hang out at the station and eat donuts all day. We know what it takes to do this because we sit in seemingly endless meetings moving all the pieces around to come up with a plan to afford the next vehicle purchase or buy that new piece of equipment that’s going to save one more life. But, can we ever expect them to fully understand that?


Then throw in big government which really has no clue what it takes to support this nation’s EMS system and their efforts, at times, to paint us all in the same vein as the rotten apples that taint the barrel and the frustration level and disappointment can grow in our minds.

We Get It!!
Just know that everyone, here at Enhanced… well, WE GET IT!!

Those of us who are EMS providers understand because we do this “thing” too. Our company culture conveys the street experience to all of our employees beginning on their first day on the job.

When our people read your Patient Care Reports they often gasp at the scenarios and they are amazed at what you have done to stand in the balance between life and death.

Each and every one of you are tops in our book because not everyone is willing to put themselves out there the way you do.

We know that the physical and mental stress takes its toll. No doubt about it. Plus, it’s not all just doing the job but it’s the things that go on in between like the paperwork, paying the bills, training the staff, ordering the supplies, repairing the vehicles, attending the meetings. It’s those countless hours that you’ll never get the chance to take back.

Then there are the meals you’ve missed together with your family. There are those holiday celebrations that have been put on hold when the pager trips announcing that the guy down the street needs you to prevent him from missing the next Christmas or birthday or wedding.

You do that all the time and you do it selflessly. You sacrifice your life for the sake of their life. And…you do it without complaining in most cases because you feel called to a higher purpose.

Without you, life is a little bit smaller, a little bit sadder and a little bit scarier. You are a hero.

Take a Bow!
So in this week that is designated as the national “EMS Week” it’s time for you to… Take a Bow!

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself and understand that you are looking at a true hero. You are amazing for doing what you do.

If no one on this earth seems to notice, know that there is a God who recognizes personal sacrifice in pursuit of the well-being of the other humans that He created. This week, we believe He is pausing to smile down upon each of you who ride the rigs, staff the ambos and man the trucks.

The entire staff and management of Enhanced Management Services are using this space, this week, to thank all of you who make a difference. Congratulations on a job well done.

If you need us…
If you need us to support you; we’re here.

Give Chuck Humphrey a call today so he can tell you about how Enhanced supports EMS systems all across the United States. He’s standing by at or toll-free via phone at (800) 369-7544.

Take care and above all… BE SAFE!
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