Friday, May 15, 2015

Will the Real Superhero Please Stand Up?

It Starts Monday!

Next week is EMS week!

Starting on Monday, we take time in the U.S.A. to recognize all of you who do so much to bring healing, comfort and care to your community. Monday kicks off not only EMS week but also begins a brand new 365-day initiative called “EMS Strong.”

Will the Real Superhero Please Stand Up?

Enhanced Management Service is a proud sponsor of EMS STRONG. The campaign, birthed in partnership between the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) is being launched as a campaign that goes beyond the traditional one-week-per-year focus. The goal of EMS STRONG is to unify and inspire all EMS agencies and practitioners while increasing awareness about the lifesaving profession in the public eye and with other health care providers at local, state and national levels.

More than Public Relations
When EMS STRONG organizers first approached us, here at Enhanced, we were initially a bit skeptical about hopping on board. On the surface it appeared to be just another one of many public relations campaigns. But the more we took a look at the philosophy behind this effort, we soon became excited to join as one of the 2015 corporate sponsors.

President/CEO, Joel B. Gum recently explained our company’s decision to join as a sponsor of EMS STRONG in this way.
“What we appreciated most about the EMS STRONG campaign is how it focuses on highlighting the strong bond that first responders share and how that bond makes a difference in the lives of the public we all serve. The idea behind this year-long campaign is to provide recognition to both individual EMS professionals and the brotherhood and sisterhood as a whole, not just one week a year, but across 52 weeks. Enhanced Management Services serves a wide range of Fire/EMS clientele who provide emergency care in many challenging settings and as such we get to know the people who are on the front lines every single day. The rest of our world should have the opportunity to get to know them too. Supporting this 365-day initiative is our company’s way to brag about our awesome clients. EMS STRONG is a great fit for us and we’re proud to be part of it.”
You are a Superhero- The Real Kind!
Next week is your time to shine. Don’t be afraid to let the communities you serve know what you do.

National EMS week certainly shines a spotlight on who we are and what we do. We get the chance to tell the world that we are more than just “ambulance drivers.” It’s okay to take a bow every now and then because as an EMS practitioner you do amazingly important work and often under difficult circumstances and with little thanks.

Your neighbors need to know what you do and how you do it. 

Get out there and help to educate the public. Don’t be afraid to show off a bit because you are awesome! It’s easy to forget that you are part of an elite few people in your community who are willing to drop your daily life routine to stand in the balance between life and death for another person.

You are a superhero of the real kind!

So from all of us, here at Enhanced, to all of you we say “THANKS!” 

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Serving you is our passion and we want you to know that we appreciate you like crazy.

Dr. Michael Gerardi, president of the ACEP recently had this to say about all of you in a press release regarding EMS STRONG. We close out with his eloquent thoughts as we echo his feelings.
“EMS practitioners are an indispensable part of the health care continuum.  Every member of the EMS family deserves our thanks and praise for what they provide their communities every day of the year.”
The Ambulance Billing Services blog is brought to you by Enhanced Management Services, Inc. Enhanced Management Services is a full-serve, all-EMS third-party billing contractor serving Fire/EMS agencies across the United States. To learn more about who Enhanced is, as a company, and how we serve our clients please visit our website at and click on the “Get Started” button on any landing page. We wish each and every one of our friends in the industry a very happy upcoming EMS Week.  Together we are EMS STRONG!
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