Friday, May 25, 2018

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things


You are amazing!

You- yes, you…Mr, Ms, Mrs…paramedic, EMT, nurse, doctor….ground-, air-based…you are amazing!

In case no one told you that in the last week as we celebrate EMS, please allow all of us here at Quick Med Claims to pat you on the back and call you out for the hero that you are.

It Doesn’t Matter…

It really doesn’t matter what role you play nor how long you’ve been involved in EMS. You matter! You are a big deal!

From the folks in the air, on the street to those in the office and especially those of you who volunteer by giving your time, knowledge and expertise in whatever role you play; just know that while you may not hear this every day from those you serve- they definitely appreciate you.

We appreciate you!

Look How Far…

Look how far EMS has come.

As first responders to all things medical transportation-ish we have made enormous strides. Everyday lives are saved because those who came before us were willing to think outside of the box and come up with new ways and new equipment, and might we say new money, to develop a constantly evolving and every-changing new system to make this all happen.

Our list of incredible “toys” has grown, but more importantly you all have grown. The skill and education that today’s EMS requires is mind-boggling. It takes you to make that cardiac monitor transmit a digital image to the ER doctor. It takes you to properly apply the Lucas Tool to deliver flawless and consistent chest compressions. It takes you to get the IV started in a moving vehicle with potholes and bumps and turns and twists, administer the correct medication in just the right dosage that saves the life and preserves a family yet another day.

Maybe you’re the new Community Paramedicine paramedic. Your visit to Mrs. Jones’ house to look in on her may just be the only visit she receives today. You leave with the satisfaction that this widow can rest knowing she has achieved her health goals for the day plus she’s a bit less lonely for your having stopped by. Mobile Integrated Healthcare at its finest and you’re the pioneer on the forefront.

We can go on and on…you know who you are.

The Nasties!

On TV, the Station 19 crew always has the “big one” and it always works out in the end.

Fast-forward…real world…not so much.

For every “big one” there are ten “not-so-big-ones”…like the trip from the ER discharging to the SNF. Or there’s the guy who had a few too many tall ones that pukes on your nicely mopped ambulance floor which now you’ll mop and disinfect again.

There’s the brand new uniform pants that now has blood on them and it won’t come out.

There’s the overdose victim that lives for another day because of that vial (or two) of narcan the wonder drug that you just administered and while you feel relieved that he lives, somehow you know that you’ll be back again tomorrow at the same location for the same patient. So…you provide a bit of fatherly/motherly advice; “Get help!”…and yet help evades these people over and over.

But you keep going. Though the nasties, through the routines and the not-so-routines.

You keep going on and on missing lunch, stretching those bathroom breaks to the point of explosion and you do it on two hours sleep here and there. Along the way, you struggle to take care of yourself- try to eat right, try to forget, try to cope and yet you still feel the rush when you know that you completely stood up to death and you won!

Unless you do it…

From the billing office window, we are in awe of you. We see first-hand what you do and are continually amazed at your accomplishments. You are a true superhero in every sense of the word.

Unless you do this thing that we all do, be it in the office or in the field; few people outside of the first-responder world will ever really “get” why and how you do it. To them you may just be an “ambulance driver” but to us you truly walk on water.

But, what really amazes us is the fact that you take it all in stride. It’s another “day at the office” and yet countless people enjoy another day of life because of YOU! That’s a big deal!

THANK YOU! As we close out this EMS week, we truly say THANK YOU!

You rise with humanity to permanently impact the lives of everyone you touch. The debt of gratitude that society owes you is immeasurable.

Be safe! Happy EMS Week!!

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